Turning Vision Into Reality

Warren G. Bennis said, “Leadership is the capacity to turn vision into reality.” At Valor Enrichment Training, LLC, we believe in that goal. Located in Northern Virgina, just outside of our Nation’s Capital, we are a professional development and leadership consulting company that offers training and solutions to real challenges. We serve groups and organizations of all sizes as well as individuals of all levels looking to foster growth and development in their surroundings. We strive to build strong teams and leaders today who are capable of taking on any challenge tomorrow.

Our goals include strengthening teams to help create better work environments that foster strong communication, high moral, and increased productivity. This is accomplished by focusing on developing not only individuals in management positions but every individual within the team from the CEO at the top to the new interns just getting their foot in the door.

While we believe that strong executive leadership is vital to an organization, we endeavor to
ensure that junior and middle-level managers are also properly prepared to face the demands of leadership. These [middle and junior managers] are the people executing the ideas and plans that “turn vision into reality.”


1 on 1 Development Coaching

Individualized mentoring for those seeking to grow as professionals as well as in personal aspects of their lives.

Dynamic Team Building

Team work makes the dream work right? But how do we get there? No team starts off great but every team has the potential to be great.

Leadership & Management Development

Looking to spend your time more wisely instead of always having to babysit your team? Help them develop. More development means less managing.

“Michael is a passionate, intelligent, multi-skilled team builder. He has the ability to interact with very senior executives, working to the highest standards required of high echelon military organization, and yet he has not lost touch with the ability to manage and lead at the ground level of an organization. I was so impressed with my interactions with him that upon learning we were both stationed in Okinawa, I recruited him for my staff. He served with me as a volunteer coordinator and team lead in a non-profit religious organization.”

Aaron Carlton

Commander, U.S. Navy